About Eurobrain

Eurobrain was founded to support the development of software for the Lowpad, a product of Eurotec. Eurobrain is a joint venture between Eurogroep and IT partner, uniting innovative technical solutions and software solutions in a single company. Eurogroep, with its subsidiaries Eurolab, Eurotron, and Eurotec, provides high-tech solutions for a variety of industries. IT Partner is a group of companies that provides software solutions within the logistics sector. With IT Partner’s extensive experience of almost 20 years in logistics software, Eurobrain can rightly call itself an expert in automation software. At the point where technology meets software, Eurobrain will bridge both worlds with dedicated solutions, supporting existing and new systems within Eurogroep. The concept behind this new company was to design a software system that would add value to the Lowpad AGV system developed by Eurotec. With the knowledge of IT partner, Eurobrain can draw on a wealth of experience in successfully designing software for AGV control. This is an important contribution towards helping the customer implement the software with peace of mind.

Implementing a robotised warehouse system requires a sophisticated integration between the Warehouse Management System and the movements of the AGV. With the Lowpad Control System (LCS), or Supervisor, and Warehouse Control System (WCS), or Organiser, Eurobrain will provide an intelligent and flexible solution to achieve a fully autonomous AGV environment. Eurobrain will also focus on enabling business intelligence build-up with data from machines supplied by Eurogroep and TTA.

Member of Eurogroep

Eurogroep is an international industrial corporation devoted to the development, production, and sales of high-tech industrial equipment. The group’s four subsidiaries, Eurotron, EurolabEurotec and Eurobrain strengthen each other with their unique technical knowledge and developed equipment. A combination that results in high-tech equipment with the best handling and vision techniques available for your process.